Bypass Gmail's Promo Tab to Enjoy High Open Rates & Maximized Revenue (potentially 2x)

Reclaim your lost revenue with my "Mega Signature" formula, so you can finally pass through Gmail's filter and get your emails land where they belong to; the Primary Inbox, usually within 2-weeks.

Discover Your Unique List Type & Deliverability Score

Discover Your Unique List Type & Deliverability Score

Let's Find Out If Your Emails Are Getting Stuck in the Promo Tab!

My email list is dead⁣⁣. 

This is how you feel if you kept sending emails to your list but are getting low opens...

And, of course, low conversions, resulting in low revenue.

But most times...

The problem isn't that your email list is dead (whatever that means — which could range from having fake to dormant email addresses).

The real culprit is your subscribers' email service provider — Gmail and the likes.

They're pushing your emails to your subscriber's Promotions tab, where they never get seen... and hence, never opened.

Wondering why this happens?

Well, it's the subject of the complex world of Email Deliverability.

There can be so many reasons that are causing the triggers.

So the first thing's first; having clarity on whether you do really have such issues, or not, is the starting point.

That's exactly what we'll be doing in our audit call.

I'll show you the big picture of where your emails are ending up by conducting inbox placement test.

If it turns out you have issues (either Promo tab or Spam), I'll be offering you my no-upfront payment service.

In this service, I'll be running a comprehensive audit during the first week to identify issues that might be causing such problems, before attemtping to fix anything.

Afterward, I'll fix ALL of those issues that can be fixed within a 2-week period.

Usually, this is a good enough time to get you on track, and you'll pay me once I have successfully completed the mission.

However, if I recognize, either during the audit or while fixing the issues...

The kind of problems you have require a long-term solution (those usually related to your domain & IP reputation, or about engagement issues which require a warm-up period), usually a couple of months.

Then I'll be asking for 50% upfront payment to be able to get the work done.

In either case, I'll be directing you to the right path in which you'll be up & running with full force, whether it may be quickly or might take some time.

So here's how to make this work:

You select a time and fill out the questionnaire to see if we are a good fit (if not, you will receive a cancellation email).

If so, we will be hopping on a Zoom call, and I'll be conducting a live inbox placement audit for your emails.

Together, we will see what the overall ratio of your emails going to the Primary inbox vs. the Promo tab vs. the Spam folder is.

From there, if it turns out you're doing well, I'll share with you some bonus tips, and we'll go our separate ways.

If it turns out you do have issues with the Promo tab or Spam, then I'll be offering you my "Pipeline Opener" service to fix ALL of your emails, so they ALL bypass the Promotions Tab & the Spam folder.

This means you will not only get into the Primary Inbox, increase your open rates by a minimum of 30%, and boost your revenue compared to what you’re used to...

But you will also be saving hours of testing and confusion for each email before sending, without worrying about where they will land from now on.

You won't have to think that people don't want to hear from you anymore or judge yourself that your copy must be bad.

After all, people can't engage with an email that they don't see, right?

This moment will decide the future of your business: Make your decision now.

Honestly, the worst-case scenario is, you'll get to know what's happening behind the scenes after you hit that send button...

And you will learn some nice tips as a bonus by spending 30 minutes of your time with me.

The best-case scenario is the kind of issues you have turn out to be fixable within 2 weeks, so I'll go ahead and fix them with zero upfront payment.

And you'll get to experience your email marketing from a whole other level from there.

So go ahead and schedule your ‘Email Deliverability Audit’ today with me.

Talk to you soon,


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